Hines undertook a programme of engagement with the local community and stakeholders prior to the submission of the planning applications.

Open Days

An initial round of community engagement events on the concept for the former Player Wills and Bailey Gibson site took place in July 2019 with over 500 members of the public in attendance.

The information that was displayed at the July 2019 Open Days can be found here.

Hines conducted a second phase of community engagement events in March 2020 which allowed local residents and interested parties to view the updated proposals and to provide their feedback on the plans. The second Open Day series was cut short unfortunately due to to the government’s imposition of the first Covid-19 lockdown.

The information that was displayed at the March 2020 Open Days can be found here.

The project team reviewed all of the feedback that was received throughout the process and has sought to address these comments in the submitted planning application particularly with regards to the retention of the Player Wills Factory Building and opening up the ground level to the community.

Meeting with St.Teresa’s Regeneration Board

In September 2020 Hines were delighted to take part in the meeting of St. Teresa’s Gardens Regeneration Board where DCC, Hines & the Land Development Agency were given the opportunity to present the plans for the sites to a number of stakeholders.

This event was recorded and was made available to the public and can be found here.


Three newsletters have also been shared with the community and can be accessed online via the links below.

Information Evening (25th March 2021)

On Thursday 25th March an information and Q&A evening took place on Zoom. A recording of the evening can be found here. The presentation can be found here. In advance of the webinar, the team received a number of questions which we have provided answers for here.

Inner City Enterprise

As part of our commitment to sustainable community development, Hines was delighted to announce its collaboration and funding commitment to assist Inner City Enterprise (ICE) and to endorse the important work it has been doing in promoting community enterprise in recent years. ICE is a not-for-profit charity which assists unemployed people in Dublin’s inner city to create their own businesses or social enterprises. Since 2012, ICE has successfully supported the employment of 1,200 people in over 1,170 for-profit businesses and currently supports 24 social enterprises in the Dublin area. For more information on Inner City Enterprise please visit: innercityenterprise.com